Monday, April 27, 2009

Tennis Membership

For the past 2 years my children have taking summer tennis lessons at a court pretty near to our home. This year, I thought we would change things up a bit, and instead of lessons join as a family and just try to play as often as we can. The cost to join as a family, was the same price as their 1 week lesson, but we can play from now until October. Quite a good deal.

Today was the first day we used the membership. This morning, I went with a friend to play tennis. It was great fun, we actually did fairly well. I really have to work on my back hand though. I suck at any back hand return.

Later this evening I took hubby and the kids to enjoy a game. It wasn't as fun as this morning. Hubby doesn't know his own strength and hits the ball too hard, he did start to try to hit it softer, but it was still too hard. K got hurt by one of hubby's hard hit balls that whacked her right in the arm and stomach, and she cried for a while. C got frustrated at us trying to help him hold the racket properly and hit the ball with out moving his wrist. They get more frustrated with us trying to teach them and help them than with an instructor.

So the first time out there with the family wasn't as I had envisioned it and am thinking maybe some lessons would still be a good idea. We will see. We will attempt to go a few more times and see how and if they improve.

Second time we took the kids to the tennis courts, they did much better, but in the end they broke down, in sheer frustration because they were having difficulty hitting the ball. It was still much improved from the first visit.

Third time out, they did great and now are asking to go back.. This is good.

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