Saturday, May 2, 2009

First line dry laundry of the season

Today I am finally hanging my laundry out to dry, since last fall. Today is beautiful and sunny with a crisp cool breeze. The clothes are starting to dry and they look so fresh hanging out there on the line.

I enjoy hanging my clothes out to dry, with one exception - undergarments go in the dryer. I don't need my neighbors seeing our underwear, bras and socks hanging out there. But all my clothes, sheets, towels go on the line come Spring and up until the Fall.

The dryer is a huge energy consumer and we save $$ over the line drying season.

Here are some pros and cons to using a line to dry your clothes instead of your dryer. I feel it is well worth the time and the money saved, plus the benefits on our environment.

Pros - Laundry smells good, whites look brighter because of the bleaching effect of the sun, saves money, It's some form of exercise and clothes will last longer

Cons- It is a little more work to hang laundry, dark colors, I find fade a little because of the sun

Overall there are more pros then cons to hanging laundry. It just takes a little more time and patience but it is worth giving it a try if you don't do it already. You will love fresh spring smelling clothes.

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Ms. Porter said...

I LOVE my clothes line, love it, love it, love it. I am in my bed right now with fresh line dried sheets.....mmmmm.