Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthday party number 2

My daughter's birthday is today. She turns 9. We have a wonderful day planned for her. After breakfast and gift opening this morning, she headed off for her day of school. After school, I picked her up, and we went out to McDonald's for dinner and dessert and then home and over to see an Aladdin play. She had a great time with her friends seeing the show, which was very well done.

This past weekend we hosted a party for her with a Totally Spies Theme. It turned out wonderful.
It was an all girl party, with 6 guests. They decorated canvass bags with funky glitter iron on paper(they did the drawing and cutting, I did the ironing) then played freeze dance and telephone. Had KD and cake with Kool aid and then they played BINGO. They loved that. After wards, they got to fill their canvass bags with cool totally spies gadgets(loot bag items) such as laser lipstick(chap stick), sticky press on fingers(nail polish), hologram producing ring(ring pop) etc. They got a list of all their gadgets and liked being able to pick their items. Then K opened her gifts and the party was over. She had a wonderful time.

Next year both my children want to have sleep over birthday parties. We will definitely be scaling back more if this is the case. I think a maximum of 3 kids for a sleep over.

Overall another successful birthday party. As my kids get older the birthday scene is definitely changing.

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