Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gift Cards

I don't know what I think about gift cards at the moment. Right now I am not liking them that much.

My daughter received 5 different gift cards for her birthday and by the time we used them, I was out of pocket $50.

I find that in order to use a gift card for the total dollar value, you end up overspending as nothing ever totals the value of the gift card. On the other hand, if you can't find something you like, which happens all the time, especially with children, you may end up with money left on the card, that most likely will be left in the purse and forgotten about, especially if it is a store you don't normally shop at.

Don't get me wrong gift cards have a purpose and are great for those hard to get for people. Gift cards are convenient. They’re easy to give, and they’re generally easy to use.

But when you give a gift card, the person receiving it has to go to the store to use the card, spending additional money to find something they like, usually causing that recipient to spend money on their own gift. This just does not seem right.

What happened to just giving cash, or a present. I think I am going to try more often to shy away from purchasing gift cards and find a present and/or give cash as gifts instead.

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