Monday, June 15, 2009

Making something old, new again

I love summer. With summer comes the shorts and tank tops, and sandals(my favorite). I love walking around barefoot and then we I have to go, just slipping my sandals on and off I go.

On to my something old. I have a couple pairs of shorts that I absolutely love. They fit me perfect and are comfortable, but, the color has faded. My black shorts are now a grayish color and my navy blue is, is, I don't even know what you would call it, but it isn't blue anymore. I think they have faded from line drying in the sun, not that it is going to stop me from hanging my clothes up to dry, but I think this is the reason the color has faded.

So the other day when I was washing sheets, I cleaned up my laundry shelf. At the very back, was Rit dye, that my mother in law gave me years ago. I had black and I thought to myself, I would try to make my black shorts black again.

I put the dye in the washer on the hot cycle, dropped my shorts in, and prayed that it would work.

Half and hour later, I took my shorts out of the washer and they were black, and I mean Black, they looked brand new. Now I don't have any blue dye, but I will be shopping this week and will be picking some up to freshen up my blue shorts.. What a way to make something old, new again.

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