Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Pirate Adventure

Yesterday we went on the pirate adventure. If you remember I mentioned this adventure in a blog a while back, after our return from Panama City. They had something similar there, but we were there in the off season and it hadn't started yet.

We found something similar here and what a blast we had. We all got to dress up in vests and have our faces painted, and tattoos. Then we got pirate names too.

We boarded the ship and went over a few safety rules and then set sail. The ship sails right around Mooney's bay.

First we had to learn the pirate salute. When that was done, we started to hunt for a lost bottle with a treasure map. We found the bottle and the map inside pointed to where the treasure was, but Pirate Stinky Pete had the key and we needed the key to open the treasure. We found Stinky Pete asleep in his little dingy boat and the kids used to the water canons to spray him off of the boat. We thought as he fell he threw the key on board, but we could not find it. While we were looking for the key though, stinky Pete boarded the ship and had a sword fight with Jolly J who of course won with his magic sword. Stinky Pete handed over the key and was made to walk to the plank. Now we had the key, we had to still find the treasure. We searched and searched until we found the flag marked with an X. Under the flag we heaved and hoed the treasure on board. The key opened it up and we all ended up with 2 gold coins each. We did some dancing and the famous pirate dance the Limbo and then headed back to dock the ship.

It was great fun and the kids want to do it again.

I would highly recommend this adventure for you and your family.
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