Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Challenge - Huge Success!!

My June Challenge was to do the Jillian Micheal's 30 day shred, everyday. And I did!
It is a terrific workout.
The 30 day shred video incorporates cardio with weight training for a full body shred. It is not and easy workout, but it is good for those wanting to pump up their workouts with some weight training, like myself.
The video is very challenging, even 30 days into it, there are some moves that are still challenging for me.

I rotated each level every day so I wouldn't become bored. I started at Level 1, then rotated daily through Level 1, then 2, and then 3 and then back to 1 again. There are moves on each level that are challenging, of course, the third level is still the most challenging.

I was sore for almost a week after starting the work out, but I kept going, I didn't let my sore muscles hold me back. Once I got going doing the workout, I was fine, it was afterward that I was sore. My legs, and arms and chest and gut. Everything was sore. Was it worth it?

I think so. I feel I am stronger, and leaner. My legs look more muscly, my arms are more toned, and my stomach is flatter, even though I still have my post baby pooch of skin, that will never go away...

I am going to keep doing the shred this summer, but I am going to scale it back to only doing it during the week, so 5 out of 7 days instead of 7 days straight. It's a great workout and worth it!

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