Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The kids are great

As the school year was coming to an end, my two just seemed to be constantly at each other. My first thought, was how am I going to get through the summer with them like this.
To my surprise the kids have gotten over their bickering and are having a great time with each other. They are finding games and things to do, that they are both interested in.
Right now it is all about camping out in the living room and bedrooms with make shift sheet tents, playing ball, and playing Pokemon on the DS.

Yesterday even though the weather was crummy, cold, overcast and with a chance of rain we decided to take advantage of Karter's Korners discount Tuesdays and head over to play mini gold. C brought a friend along who called just as we were heading out the door to invite him over for a play date. We thought we would bring him along first and then they could have a play date together. After C was off with his friend, K and I decided to pick up some craft items at Michael's, since she attended a craft class in the morning and loved what they did. She wanted to re-create more things at home.

The day was great. The kids were great. These are the ways I want to be spending summer!!

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