Sunday, July 19, 2009

The city chase

If you haven't heard, Ottawa hosted it's 6th annual City Chase Race yesterday, July 18th and hubby and I participated. If you have never heard of the City Chase race and want to know more about it, click here.

So while hubby and I were racing, the kids were with Grandma for the day being spoiled. The played games, went and played mini golf, went to McDonald's, and came down town to see us. They enjoyed beaver tails and slushy's, walking, and card games. It was a day of fun for all.

The City Chase race, is similar to the TV show the amazing race. You are given clues, and you must find and complete a task before getting a point. The team to check in first with 10 points is the winner.

There were a numerous amount of point stops spread out over the city. You are given 6 hours to complete the race, and a one day bus pass, the only other way to travel other than bus is on foot. The clue sheet is riddled with riddles and scrambled word puzzles, so you need to take some time to figure things out before moving on your way. You are allowed to bring a map, blackberry, GPS, and can call family or friends for help.

Hubby and I had a great time. WE checked in at the finish line, team #24 out of over 450 teams. We faired really well and had an amazing time. I would definitely love to be part of the Amazing race one day. Hopefully they will start accepting Canadians for their show.

If this kind of race is something that you would want to be part of, we would definitely recommend it. An amazing adventure.

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