Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been pretty busy these last few weeks. Lots going on. This week we have family visiting and will for sure not be blogging much. The kids are having a great summer, mind you the fighting seems to be increasing slightly from the beginning of summer. I am sure by the end of August, I will be happy to see them heading back to school.
This week, we are planning a few fun adventures. The aerial adventure and indoor rock climbing and finally seeing the new Harry Potter movie in theaters. It is very exciting. Much to look forward too.
We also plan to sit and relax by the pool and I plan on finishing up my book(City of Glass). It is so good. I think about it all day and can't wait to get in bed at night to read more. I love a good book.

The weather here is nice and I plan on relaxing by the pool and taking in the sunshine. WE get so few sunny days this summer, I am going to enjoy them as much as I can when we do get them.

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