Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drive In Bingo

Yesterday we took the kids out to the Carp Fairgrounds and enjoyed some family Bingo.
It was fun. The kids had never been and this was hubby's first time playing Bingo.

When we arrived, we bought only 1 game board($10) which has 9 squares of Bingo cards. A friend of ours told us, to bring along some scissors and cut the board, so we had 3 squares each to watch. Hubby and I took turns while the kids had their own cards to watch. You can always buy a strip of cards for the kids, but that is an extra $5, and we thought since this was our first time playing we would just spend the $10 and cut the cards(which worked out great). The only cards you have to buy separate is the 50/50 cards, which are $1 each, and the biggest prize of all the games. Last night the prize for that one was $400. We didn't win.

We arrived at 730pm and had about 1/2 hour before the start time. We walked around to see if we could find our friends, but no luck. At the front, where the ball caller sits, they also have a bbq going and snacks like chips, pie and licorice at the canteen.

This is drive in bingo, so you can sit in your cars and play, or if you bring your own lawn chairs and blankets, you can sit in front of your cars. If you get bingo, you either honk your horn or yell very loudly BINGO.... * If you bring chairs to sit on, make sure you bring some bug spray*

When bingo started the kids had fun. They picked up how to play really quickly. I didn't have to really keep an eye on them too much. During the break, the kids got to walk around and got to buy a bag of chips each. The we played the second half of bingo.

We left early as we were really tired, and we weren't winning anything, so we generously handed our last game to the girls in the car next to us, and headed home. It is definitely a late night out.

Bingo starts at 8pm and ends around 1030pm. There is one more Bingo night next Wednesday July 29th at the Carp Fairgrounds. I highly recommend going, it is a great night out and a fun family outing.

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