Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Funny things happen

I was talking to my husband in the garage yesterday while cleaning it out, so we can start to park our vehicles in the there. We had listed our old cars winter tires on a free classified online and hadn't heard anything yet. I was hoping someone would be interested. My husband wasn't to thrilled with the idea of the free classified and mentioned they should be put in the penny saver.
While cleaning up after dinner, the phone rang with some name on call display we don't know, and most of the time we do not answer, but this person left a message. The message was left by someone interested in buying our winter tires he saw in the free classified and he was coming out to take a look that night. GREAT. I hope he buys them.
In the end, he looked at them for 2 minutes and took them. Wonderful. They were in great shape on rims, so he got a great deal on them.

Second funny thing that happened, I have been waiting for a reply via email from someone getting back to me about running and event. I have yet to hear anything, so I jump the gun to see if anyone else would be interested. A friend called after I jumped the gun, and said to wait and give it a little more time. This morning, I have her reply.
Funny things yesterday, whatever, I was talking about finally happened. Do I have a sixth sense?

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