Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Bell saga continues

Does anyone at Bell know how to do anything right the first time?
This is as bad as the govt that I am still dealing with. Hopefully as they have told me the situation is fixed. I will know on the 20Th, when the baby bonus goes in my account.

Bell on the other hand, has some problems getting things done the first time.
I upgraded my phone service, and they were to add a bundle discount, and of course this was not done. The bundle discount applied to my Internet service, disappeared, and the television service is OK, next month I am sure that will disappear.

When you phone to deal with them on more than one matter, you are transferred over and over again. To have the discount applied to your bill, you have to call another number all together, because at Bell no one is trained on more than one service.. PATHETIC..
If I want service, I want one person to help me. Bell needs to start training their people better.
I hate dealing with Emily the automated voice helper. It seems so long going through Emily before you can connect to the Que to be dealt with by a real person, who can't help you anyways..

We are now looking elsewhere for service. Right now for phone and Internet we are paying $74 a month + taxes. This is ridiculous. We have nothing special on our phone except call display and free long distance in Canada, which I don't make that many phone calls. The Internet isn't even high speed.
We are looking into primus, for the same service, it is $40 + tax + 5cents per minute long distance anytime of day in Canada and the US. The same speed for Internet. They are currently in our area code, but cannot service our area as of yet. So we may have to stick with Bell a little longer. Before we switch my husband wants to do more research into the matter anyways, make sure it is what we need and want, and read some blogs about other users experiences.
We will see what we end up doing.

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