Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas baking

I love to bake. I bake all the time, cookies, loaves, bars, squares, any sweet treat.
This year, I have completed my Christmas baking for our family. I have made date squares, shortbread cookies, and sugar cookies made with a cookie press. They are all done.

I am now part of a cookie exchange coming up on the weekend, and I have taken the easy way out. I purchased boxes of fortune cookies, and I am going to dip them in melted chocolate, let the dry, and then drizzle them with white chocolate. YUMMY SCRUMBOES... This is a great way to get lots of baked goods for visitors during the holiday season. You make one kind, and you end up with many other kinds.
This year their are 12 of us in total participating in the cookie exchange, so I will end up with 11 dozen different type of cookies, and will keep a dozen of mine. This will be great for when we are at moms for Christmas with my sister and brother in law and the kids visiting, we can share all the cookies with everyone.
If you are ever asked to be part of a cookie exchange, it is a great way to get your baking done and end up with many lovely treats to share with friends and family.

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