Thursday, December 13, 2007

Property tax increases

Why oh why do we pay so much in property taxes.
We live about 2 blocks from my parents house. They pay about $1000 less in property taxes a year then we do. They back on to green space and have just as big a property but we pay more. WE don't receive more service then them, this is just how this stupid system works.
I just heard on the news today that our taxes will increase about 5% next year, which means about an extra $125 year on top of the $4000 we already pay and for what.
This is how I see my tax dollars being spent. 5 city crew workers fixing 1 pot hole. 1 man working and 4 watching. Our parks are a mess, 2 crew workers pick up garbage and check parks, once a year(it seems), volunteers to run the outdoor rinks as the city can't afford to. Public schools that don't have enough money, so more out of my pockets to send my two kids there.

We are not getting great services, for our money. WE are getting nothing for the amount of dollars we put in. I am all for paying extra for police services. I am all in for money going to the schools, but this still isn't enough. When will it ever be. I think the city needs to properly look at the numbers and stop leaving it on us, the citizens to struggle year after year with increasing property taxes.

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