Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas is over, the shopping begins again

Well Christmas is officially over. We got more then we should have. But we still want more. I know crazy, isn't it? OK, I guess we don't want more, we just see a good deal, and there is things we need, and so we are going to get them. I guess that is still considered wanting more.
Husband has headed off to Future shop, and Best buy to buy some items on sale. He is braving the madness. I was going to go, but thought it better to let the kids sleep in. I may go later, to see if I can find some deals for loot bag items for boys birthday, buy some clothes for my nieces for their birthdays and a hoodie for my nephew for his birthday. There birthdays are in Jan, Feb and March and since they live a ways away, I am bringing them shopping now.
Lots of shopping, and I know it will be total madness everywhere.

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