Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shopping at the end of a season

I have to start shopping more at the end of the season. There are so many good deals out there to be had.
Last year at this time I got my son a new winter coat, as his was getting to small. I ended up paying $8 and his coat was regularly $65. I thought wow, what a great deal. He is now getting his second winter out of this coat.
He needs new snow pants now, so a friend and I are heading out to the mall this afternoon to see what deals we can find. I think I will look for girl as well. New coats and snow pants for next year. I will just buy 2 sizes bigger then they are now and hope for the best. They will also need new hats and mitts.

One of my irks about stores clearing out winter clothes in January is, in February my kids will need new mittens and I will not be able to find any anywhere. I wish stores would keep things like mitts and hats a little bit longer then the bigger items, as winter lasts way longer then January.

I hope I find some good deals today, and maybe, just maybe, I will buy some extra mitts and hats just in case.

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