Thursday, January 10, 2008

Disappointing shopping day

I was quite disappointed as there was no deals to be had out there. I could not find snow pants anywhere, or gloves for a half decent price. The sports store had gloves for 50% off, but they were still $25-$30 dollars. That is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a pair of gloves for the kids(to me anyway). SO I checked out Zellers, The Children's place, Gap, EB Games, Winners, Gymboree, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy and Sports Experts, and I left the mall with absolutely nothing. What a waste of my time. I was looking for kids winter gear, adults winter gear and a birthday gift for my son, A Nintendo DS and no luck on getting anything.

I hope to go out to MEC on the weekend, to see if I can get a pair of gloves. They are regularly $24 for the kids mitts, and on sale last year at this time it was $15. I may have to make do with them. They are good mitts though, my daughter is getting a second season out of hers, but will definitely not get a third season out of them. I hope for a successful trip.

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