Monday, May 5, 2008

The price of things.

I am very upset that everything is going up in price. The only thing I don't see rising is our paychecks. Husband does make good money, but his next raise, unfortunately is all lost due to inflation. So much for another family vacation any time soon.

The price of gas is on the rise, and quite frankly, the price it is at now, hovering between $1.15 and $1.20, is unreasonable and something needs to be done. It is great that we are getting nicer temperatures, as we have been doing some biking to get to and from places to save on gas.

The price of gas will make the price of shipping anything here expensive. Like food and everything else.

The price of flour is on the rise. The price of rice is on the rise. The price of fruits and vegetables is on the rise. The price of meat is on the rise.

Seems to me my whole grocery order will be increased, but yet again, our paychecks are not catching up with the skyrocketing prices in our economy today.

I read an article this morning, of why the Y generation is in debt. I am part of the Y generation. Well have you seen the prices of things we have to deal with. Take schooling for example. We graduate with huge student loans, which take years and years and years to pay back. We make crappy wages, that are not even close to keeping up with the cost of living.

Furniture is expensive, when it is just the cheap ass particle board. Can't imagine buying something in solid wood.

It sucks that we are raising our kids in a world that is going to cost a fortune. I hope somewhere down the line something changes to make our economy affordable.

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