Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Aerial Adventure

Today was the day. The day we went zipping through the trees, and hanging on for dear life as we cross the bridges to platforms and climb up and down ladders. A real treat for husband who is celebrating his birthday today.

We headed out to Lafleche aerial park about 9am this morning. Our friends picked us up and we headed out. We arrive at 10am, sign our lives away on the waivers, get harnessed up and then hike uphill to the start of the course, where we are briefed on how to be safe, how to use the carabeeners, zip pull and show the guy we can.

After our briefing we get started. It starts out pretty slow, as we are behind some people and everyone is just getting into the groove of it. Our first zip line was pretty small, but a good start. Our second zip line was great. Course 1 was pretty mild. Course 2, was a bit trickier but we all managed fine. The zip lines are my favorite. Course 3, is the most challenging of all, I find anyways. The hardest obstacle to cross is the stirrups hanging from ropes, way up high in the trees. Once you get the trick of it, it isn't so bad. You need to walk one stirrup at a time holding the ropes, it is still challenging though.
After course 3, we accidentally had a bit of a detour, and made our way all the way back to the cabin. We had to hike all the way back up and luckily got to take a shortcut over to one of the extreme zip lines. That was awesome. It was so long, and so high up, you can't even see where you end up. It was great. What a rush.
After the first zip line, we did another and another, and then over to course 4. Course 4 is relatively small and pretty simple, but there was another zip line, which was pretty long and that ended our day. It took us about 3.5 hours from briefing to finishing, which was pretty good.
It was a great time. They just opened up another aerial adventure last month called the summit, which takes about 4 hours to do and has 5 courses, we will definitely do that one next year.
The aerial adventure was awesome. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Next year we hope to round up some more of our friends so we can enjoy the day together. It is a great day out and will leave you wanting to go back for more.

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