Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A beautiful new do

WOW.... What magic a hairdresser can do.

I have been cutting my kids hair forever. I am not a hairdresser by profession, but can manage a simple haircut. C gets a buzz cut, longer on top and shorter on the sides, so his cut is pretty simple, and I can manage simple, but for K, I just trim her hair every now and then, to shorten it a bit.
She has very thick hair like me, and she use to have some curls when she was younger which has turned into waves. So she has long wavy brown beautiful hair which she hates. Brushing her hair is a fight every morning, because it is so tangled, and knotty and it hurts like ***heck***.

Lately it has been a struggle to brush her hair, and the knots in it some days is leaving her in tears and me very very frustrated. I decided she needs professional help and took her in to my hairdressers. She did not want to go at all, but I took her anyways. On the way there, she was a bit nervous and I told her the best part of the hairdressers is having your hair washed, well that is my favorite part anyways. My hairdresser was unavailable but the other hairdresser who was there, was great with her and I think we will stick with her in the future for K.

So she got her hair washed, which she loved and that was her favorite part. I asked the hairdresser to put lots of layers in it and thin it out. Which she did. She told me her hair is very damaged from the chlorine and that is why I am having a hard time brushing her hair lately.. I never thought of that, but duh, I knew chlorine was bad for your hair.

SO her hair looks great, lots of layers and the waves really stick out more, and K just loves it.

We popped into the drugstore on the way home, and picked up some proper shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair that we will use for at least the next month to fix her hair and take the build up of chlorine and detangling spray out of her hair. I guess I should use it on C too. I guess because his hair is short you don't see the damage as much, but it is there.. We are fish in the summer, always have been and always will be, so I guess we will have to be pretty strict on washing our hair after swimming.

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