Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Horseback riding continued

OK, everyone, I found a place in Ottawa that offers a one time horseback riding lesson for kids, but unfortunately not trail riding, for insurance reasons. I guess that is why I am having trouble finding a place that offers trail riding to anyone under 11, because they just can't offer it. K really wants to go, so I better take her before school starts and there is less and less time.

We headed out to Black Creek Stables this morning. It is located in Kemptville, just outside Ottawa, it didn't take us longer than 25 minutes to get there. I thought it was going to be a bit farther but it wasn't.

So K started out by getting her horse, actually she used a pony named Pipsi, from the outside and bringing her in. She then started to groom her. She brushed her with 4 different brushes, and then put on the horses saddle and bridle. She walked her over to the sand ring, which is a little walk away, and she mounted Pipsi. K did great, she picked up quickly, how to control the horse with the reins and to say the words as well. She had a great time. She got to ride the horse back to the barn and took off her saddle and then we said goodbye. Pipsi was a great horse to try for the first time, very gentle and loves affection.

K had a great time, and definitely wants to do it again. I think we will go out with a friend of ours next time who wants to give it a try as well. If she really wants to keep it up, we can sign on for lessons, how many times a month we would like. I think for a first time, it was the perfect spot. The ladies there, were great with K and keeping her comfortable. If this becomes a regular thing, that is the place we will be going to.

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