Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beading 101

I have just registered for Christmas in October at the Dragon's Lair to make a pair of Santa Earrings. See image above.

I am hoping to change them into ornaments as opposed to earrings to give out as Christmas gifts, but I need to know how to make them first.

I have a friend joining me as well, so it should be a fun afternoon. I am getting right into beading lately. I am currently making beaded bookmarks and wine charms for Christmas gifts and K is getting interested in it as well.

She is interested in making some back pack pulls for her school's annual craft fair. I have done some research online for her on how to make them and some nice designs, so now it is just buying the supplies. I may also get her to make beaded bobby pins. I found this really cool design that I think the girls would love. We will see how hard it is to do first.

..... I picked up the bead supplies for girl to make her back pack pulls. It cost me around $35 and hopefully she can make about 50 or so to sell. I wouldn't want to make more than that at this point, just in case we end up with alot that don't sell. The craft fair will be held in November, so I will get her all set up on the dining room table and she can do them when she feels like it. She is very excited to get making them. I hope she does well in the sale.

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