Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer's end

Last day of summer today. Not really the end of summer, but the end of summer vacation.

School starts tomorrow. The back packs are packed and ready to go, now if I can only convince the kids how exciting it is.

The kids aren't really looking forward to school. K isn't to bad, she knows the rules and the amount of work etc; but C is a little nervous about all the work and he is upset that he can't read. He can read a little bit, but gets confused on what the vowels should sound like in certain words. He also gets confused with a b and a d. He forgets which is which. I think he is doing great, and this year will be all about reading and I am sure within a month he will be reading more and more and doing better and better. I am not to concerned.

The beginning of school is like a fresh new start. New teachers, new friends, new activities, and new beginnings. I hope we have a good year.

Tomorrow will prove a little nerve racking for all of us. I will say goodbye to my kids for the whole day in the morning, and wonder how they are doing all day, and the kids will be nervous because everything is new.. I am sure after the first week of school, we will all be into the groove of things.

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