Saturday, August 2, 2008

*Ouch** That hurt

Yesterday while both preparing dinner in the kitchen, my husband and I accidentally collided into each other, with him holding a pot of boiling water right off the stove to bring it over to the sink to drain, and I got in the way, and the pot sloshed around, spilling boiling hot water all over my wrist and hand splashing off me and then down the rest of me. Luckily only my hand and wrist got burned and I was right by the sink. I quickly immersed my hand under cold running water for a while. It didn't hurt that much at first, it was kind of a shock, but after I removed my arm from water, and let it dry, it felt like it was on fire for hours and hours.

I pretty much spent the rest of the evening with my arm either in a wet cloth with ice or soaking in a bucket of water as that was the only thing that made the burning stop. It is red, but no blisters or anything yet, which is good, but it hurts like hell. I took some tylenol and ended up heading to the superstore to pick up something to help ease the pain. The kids were very sensitive about it, knowing that it hurts, they were extra careful around me. K was a bit upset, and asked if I was going to die. I reassured her that I am not going to die from this burn.

I picked up solarcaine spray at the superstore, as I can't touch the skin right now, and it works great. It has a anesthetic in it and it has numbed it nicely.

Day 2 -This morning, my arm is stinging a bit, and very sensitive. I still can't touch the skin, and there is the one spot where the water hit first that has blistered up a bit. I guess I was lucky, it could have been much worse.

Day 5- My skin has been quite sensitive for the last few days, and today I noticed that where it was really sensitive it has blistered up. It took 5 days for it to blister up. Weird. So I popped the blister, which was gross. It was full of liquid. I bandaged it up, but the bandaid was bugging me, so I ended up taking it off. During the course of the day, I some how managed to stick my hand in my pocket and ripped off the skin where the blister was. It didn't hurt, it just felt weird. Now I have this discolored spot on my hand. There is still more skin that looks like it wants to come off, but right now it is just dry and crinkly.

Day 7- More of my skin is peeling off. My wrist is starting to peel and the spot that peeled off on day 5, I keep peeling more of and it is getting bigger. It is so dry, and it itches alot. I guess it is on the mend now.

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