Sunday, September 14, 2008

First sickness of the season

Well we are 2 weeks into school and both my kids are sick. This just sucks
C started last week, with a funny feeling throat. By the time he got home from school he had a full blown head cold. Today it is moving into his chest a bit and he has started with a cough, but he seems to be feeling better.
K started last night, with a scratchy throat, and today it is really sore. Hopefully it will just run it's course like it did with C. I hope it doesn't stay in her throat. see tonsils blog

I can't believe the kids are already sick. Last year, the kids weren't sick until after Christmas. They say they have been pretty good about washing their hands in school, and not touching their faces with their hands. I have them using their sleeve or a kleenex, whichever they can get to.

I hope this isn't going to be a bad bug year.

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