Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A couple projects on the go

Now that the craft fair is over, and I have everything completed, I am starting my own projects at home. I have a few things on the go.

For the month of November, I am trying to complete my painting of my house. Read more here.

I am also preparing for the Christmas craft club, a friend and I run. She did the Halloween and I am in charge of the Christmas. I have chosen 5 crafts

  1. Angel pin that we will box in an origami paper box to give as a gift (prepared)
  2. Egg carton snowman (prepared)
  3. Christmas tree decoration (prepared)
  4. Beaded wreath (prepared)
  5. Felt Christmas tree wrapped around a ice cream cone for shape (prepared)

So far, I have prepped the angel pin, and I am working on the egg carton snowman(painting the cartons), and the tree decoration. After I have this stuffed prepped and ready to go, I will then be focusing on making my own Christmas cards.

I make my Christmas cards every year and I love doing it. This year, I am making a snowman card with snowflakes. I am working with card stock and stamps. I have the set bought from my local stampin' up consultant and will be starting these as soon as the craft club stuff is gone out of my house. My older Christmas card pieces from years previous, I am giving to the kids, so they can make some Christmas cards for their friends, and teachers.

I also have tonnes of Christmas shopping to do. I really have to sort the through the stuff I have here, that is hidden away from my kiddies sight, and make sure I am not doubling up on anything.

So I have lots on the go, I am hoping to be completed my painting by end of November(completed), craft club preparation by Nov25th(completed) and Christmas cards (completed) and Christmas shopping (completed) by December 10th. Then I can focus on Christmas decorating and baking.. Mmmmm Can't wait to start baking. But that is a blog in itself.

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