Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My daughter has lice

Ughhhhh! My worst fear has come true, I found live lice in my daughters beautiful hair.
This is so disgusting. Nothing I ever want to deal with again.

I went out right away and got the shampoo, and it worked at killing the lice. Now I will be nit picking for weeks. I am having trouble seeing the nits though. What are the chances all the lice are male. Hmmmm!
She is free to go to school today, and I will ask the nurse there to help me look for nits. I had a friend pop by yesterday and she couldn't see anything either. I am hoping for the best, hoping that there are no eggs left. I have brushed her hair twice with the nit comb, and maybe that took it all out, if there were any. My head is itchy just thinking about it. I had my husband look though and will continue every day to make sure we are free and clear.

Anyhow, yesterday, my dryer went non stop, as I washed everything in the house, and those things that didn't get washed, went into the dryer for 20 minutes, to make sure anything that might be on it, is dead. I vacuumed carpets and couches, and if there was anything alive in the carpets or couches are now dead and gone.

A parent's worse nightmare, well, mine anyway.

GOOD NEWS ON THE LICE FRONT: I took my daughter into the school and had one of the ladies in the office have a look, as for the life of me, I cannot find a nit. She has been through it with her own daughter and also many other children in the school. She found 1 nit, in her whole head. This is really good. She thinks I caught it really early, what are the chances. Anyhow, I am very ecstatic, but will continue nightly and morning checks of her head as well as the second treatment of lice shampoo in a few days to make sure we are really free and clear. This is good news.

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