Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another year older

My sons birthday is coming up on February 7. I can't believe my baby will be 7 years old. Shocking how fast time has flown by.

This year, we have cut back dramatically on birthday party guests. In years previous we have had very large parties to try to include everyone, but the time has now come to end this tradition. This year I have told my kids that the maximum amount of friends they can invite is 8. My son, C has decided to invite 7 boys to help him celebrate his birthday!

The theme this year, as there always has to be a theme, is Super Smash Brawl, one of his favorite Wii games. The plan is to have the kids play play the game on the wii for about an hour, then have pizza and cake, open presents, and then play freeze dance and buzz balloon (It is a game where each child blows up a balloon, and holding in the air, and then aim at a target and let the balloon go allowing the air to escape and hoping to hit the target.) What boy wouldn't love that. Just the noises the balloons make will have them in giggles.

I think it will be a super party.

When it comes time for my daughters birthday party in May, which she has been planning over the last few weeks, she is focusing on plenty of crafts. This is great, just along the lines of my expertise.

Birthday parties are changing in our household, how about yours?

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