Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Take your medicine

My daughter, K, I love her to bits, but she is nutty sometimes.

Yesterday her teeth were bothering her. There was a lot of pressure due to a new tooth coming up and trying to squeeze it's way into the tiny spot it has. Things are starting to shift in her mouth to make room for this tooth and it has been bothering her since Monday.

So Tuesday night, I am trying to get her to take Tylenol. Chewy grape Tylenol, but because it is not the no name brand that I normally buy, she suffers and complains about it for 2 hours, driving me up the wall, because the medicine is just not the same.

My daughter needs time to think things through, she has been that way for a very long time. If she is in a mood, or mad, leave her be for a while to think things through and then she will be reasonable about whatever it is bothering her afterward.

It took her 2 hours to decide finally that her teeth were bothering her enough to take the medicine that will help get rid of the pain and pressure associated with her teeth.

She finally takes the medicine, 2 1/2 tablets broken into tiny little pieces with 2 small glasses of juice, but she gets it down and then decides she likes these better than the usual ones I buy. The only reason I bought these ones, was because Costco did not have the Kirkland brand one. So I had to buy something else and this was the only thing they had.

I am glad she took them, but she was driving me crazy for the 2 hours before taking them with them sitting in front of her ready to be eaten complaining about the fact that they are different and her teeth hurt.

When will kids learn that different isn't always a bad thing.... Kids...

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