Sunday, February 1, 2009

January Challenge update

I did it.. I actually did more.
My January challenge was a fitness challenge. To try to work my upper body muscles by adding push ups and sit ups to my workout routine. My goal was to do 2 sets of 50 sit ups and 2 sets of 30 push ups. You can read more on my Challenge here.

I have attained my goal plus a little extra. It did take like 3 months, but I did it.
I managed to do 2 sets of 54 sit ups and 2 sets of 30 push ups. Woo Hoo :)
I am hoping to keep this up for the long run and keep increasing as I get stronger.

I did not, however, complete my goal for drinking an additional glass of water a day. I know you probably are thinking, that was the easy challenge, but I find I am not a big drinker. My husband thinks I am a camel. I drink when I need to and after a work out, but I can't add any extra. I did try hard, but I just couldn't do it. Whatever, I am still very pleased with myself right now.

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