Thursday, April 2, 2009


Why do I bother to take good care of my lawn? Last year, we had such a major case of grubs, we decided to switch to natural lawn maintenance that we did ourselves.
Our lawn looked wonderful and great all summer long, and believe it or not the skunk did not come and dig up our lawn last fall like the previous fall. We were amazed the natural lawn stuff worked. Hurray!

But he is back.... and digging up our front lawn again. This is very frustrating, because I spent so much money and took so much care in doing the right thing, and he is still digging up my lawn, and what gets me even more, he only digs up my lawn, he doesn't seem to go anywhere else but here..

I am SO frustrated, I just want to shoot the bugger!! I am sure he lives under someone's deck around here, and he invites himself nightly to my front lawn for breakfast. (I just looked at our deck and there is no way he is living under ours. Hubby last year, lined the inside of our deck with huge cement stones from his mothers fireplace demolition so nothing can penetrate it.)

He's wrecking my lawn and I am pissed off at him. So this morning I will be outside flipping and putting my lawn back together again.. BUGGER!

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