Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doctors check

The other day I finally brought my two to the doctor. C has had these white spots on his cheeks for quite some time and I wanted to discuss K's fears and anxiety with the doctor.

The doctor took a look at C's cheeks and he might have either a fungal infection which could be 2 different types of fungus or he at some point got frost bite. She gave me a prescription as she can't tell by looking at it. If the cream works it was fungal, if it doesn't it is frost bite which has discolored his cheeks and will eventually go away on it's own. It just might take a very long time.

She had a talk with K and tried to figure out what is going on and how she is dealing with things. Then she had a talk with me. She feels K is learning to cope and that is good. As long as she continues to find ways to cope with her fears she will be fine. If it starts to affects her going to school or other places than she will need to be seen by a psychologist. I was very happy to hear she thought she was doing very well and not to worry unless things got worse. But for now, just assure her when she is afraid that she is alright.. One day she might just grow out of it. Actually one day I am hoping she will grow out of it.

I left the office with a feeling that things are just fine. That maybe all this time I have been doing something right and have helped her cope with her fears. That thought made me feel very good.

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