Sunday, April 19, 2009

April/May Challenge and March Update

Since I don't have a challenge for April, because time just seemed to slip away from me, I have decided to go ahead and do a April/May Challenge. Here is my challenge and update from March......

Well I didn't make all the recipes I was hoping to from the Loony Spoons cook book in February and March, but I did accomplish 4 meals, with leftovers. I think I fared pretty well for someone who has difficulty cooking dinner. See recipes here

I do not enjoy cooking dinner. I just don't. So my February challenge was to try to cook a few new meals to spice things up a bit and make cooking dinner more rewarding. Did it work.. No, not really.

I am thinking maybe I should push myself on this challenge again for my May. I don't think I will work from just one cook book though. I think I will challenge myself to find fast, and delicious dinner ideas from whatever sources I can(books, internet, friends) and whip them up once or twice a week. I will fill you in on how I do in June. Wish me luck, again!

Today is May 1rst and I haven't done any recipes yet... I better get busy. Tonight we are having chicken, so I am going to look up a recipe right now and start this challenge.

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rhonalala said...

Good luck, again! lol. You will do fine.