Friday, May 22, 2009

Now we have Racoons

There is never ending wild life around here. The skunk reported in my previous blog, is gone, we have put chicken wire and rocks around the porch so he does not come back, and so far it is working. Maybe it was the soggy muddy mess we created when putting the hose under the porch, to get it out of there, who knows. He is gone and I am happy about it.

Now we have another problem.

My husband made this bird feeder to attract the smaller birds. I haven't seen many birds around it, but the seeds are disappearing. He assumed it was a large animal, but I did not believe how a large animal could get the seeds out of this feeder. Underneath our feeder approximately 1 1/2' under it stands a wooden structure with screen which is used as a seed catcher, so the seeds don't end up all over my garden and sprouting.
Well this morning, when I woke up, and passing by a open window to the back yard heard a noise. I stopped and looked out the window, and outside were 2 very large raccoons. One was drinking water out of the bird bath and the other was sitting on the seed catcher, and shaking the feeder so the seeds fall out. These are very smart animals.
So today, we will have to do some changing, and fixing and moving to set this feeder and catcher up so it attracts the birds and not the other animals.

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