Saturday, May 16, 2009

The skunk is back and living under my porch

Looks like my friend, the skunk is back.

This time he is not digging up my lawn, but instead my garden.
He has dug a hole and made himself a home under the front porch.
We sealed it up the other day after he was gone, and put some stones in front to stop him from digging, well seems he or she is very determined to live under our porch.

This morning, he has dug himself another hole around the rocks, and looks like he is probably having a nap in there.

Since it is baby time, we want it out of there asap, before there are babies living under there too!!!

Why us?


BeachMama said...

Yikes, I don't envy you! Not sure if this works for skunks, but for groundhogs if you flood the hole, they don't come back (something about the mud).

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Kathryn said...

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